Defrancesco-Serruya Engineered Green Growth Brands takeover plan of Aphria: $APHA $GGB

Canadian cannabis company Aphria, run by Irwin Simon, continues to tout the narrative that another cannabis company backed by Ohio mega millionaires, the Schottenstein family, made an unsolicited and hostile take over offer of Aphria this January after the company was exposed for alleged corporate disclosure conflicts and overpaying for cannabis assets that were owned by insiders. The news, announced by Aphria ($APHA) when alleged bad actor Vic Neufeld was still listed as the company CEO, caused … Continue

Did Aphria’s Irwin Simon give Selective Disclosure to investor Michael Serruya? $APHA $LHS

Aphria interim CEO Irwin Simon worked a backroom deal to off load the company's stake in U.S. cannabis investments with Canadian mega million Michael Serruya before he took over the CEO job at the Canadian marijuana company. According to text messages obtained by this reporter between Serruya and Irwin sent on the morning of Feb 6, 2019, Michael Serruya took the lead in speaking for his family and Andy Defrancesco to negotiate the price and timing of when Aphria ($APHA) would exit its stake in … Continue

Barry Honig Secret profit taking of Short Selling publication ? $OPK $MGTI

A popular fraud busting stock publication owned by Hunter Adam’s family,, allegedly had given an ownership stake to people charged in the SEC’s pump and dump case against Barry Honig in return for an investment in the company. According to documents and communication reviewed by this journalist, written in March 2011, a fund called […]


Barry Honig Secretly funded Underwriting in his Laidlaw & Co. Deals: $TRPX

Laidlaw & Co. and Barry Honig, a small cap investor charged by regulators for running a long time pump and dump scheme, worked together to fund the underwriting of firm commitment initial public offerings unbeknownst to main street investors in the IPO’s. According to two senior staffers at Laidlaw, the broker dealer’s clearing firm Sterne […]


Text messages show Cannabis investors Defrancesco & Serruya allegedly Colluded with Clarus Securities’ Christodoulis in Multiple Stocks

A foreign investor in the cannabis sector published a report this week detailing how Andy Defrancesco and a gang of high net worth investors set up complicated private transactions securing dirt cheap stock in the company Sol Global Investments would reverse merge with to become publicly traded. The report only uses research from the cannabis […]


Canadian Regulator Demanded Michael Serruya turn over Defrancesco Communications: $SCU.TO

Cannabis Investor and mega Canadian millionaire Michael Serruya was hauled into the Ontario Securities Commission office last year after the Canadian regulator subpoenaed him for an on record interview and demand document production. The securities investigation centered on a Mississauga, Ontario-based coffee shop chain called Les cafés Second Cup. Michael and his brother Aaron Serruya […]


Andy Defrancesco Quits Sol Global Top Job after Bad Press Weighs on Stock price: $ $SOLCF

Andy Defrancesco has resigned from the cannabis company he helped build off large investments from Canadian mega million family the Serruyas. Sol Global Investments ($SOLCF) announced today Defrancesco is out as Chairman of the Board and Chief Investing Officer nearly a year after he took over the company. The controversial cannabis investor has been grounded […]


Liberty Health Science’s Chestnut Hill Pot farm sale Between Friends: $LHS $GGB

Cannabis company Liberty Healthy Science ($LHS) announced it sold a marijuana farm called Chestnut Hill Farm in Alachau, Florida last week in an arms length transaction for US $ 14.7 million. The sale also included dispensary license rights in Ohio under the name Mad River Remedies. A review of land transfer records in Florida shows […]