California DOJ investigating Honig and The Frost Group

This story has been updated The northern california DOJ has been sniffing around asking tough questions about the investing activities of a billionaire, Phillip Frost, a former boxer turned investor and stock promoter Barry Honig and Honig's pal Michael Brauser. "The FBI told me when they interviewed me they are investigating Honig, Brauser, and Frost," said a person who has done business with what was called The Frost Group and ask for anonymity. A term sheet seen by this reporter shows … Continue

Investor Barry Honig Subject of SEC MGT Capital Subpoena

This story has been updated Microcap investor Barry C. Honig is a lead subject of an SEC investigation for his role in trading and investing in shares of MGT Capital ($MGT). MGT Capital is trying to complete a reverse merger with famed tech entrepreneur John McAfee. I am reporting exclusive news today for Growth Capitalist on what's inside the Securities and Exchange Commission subpoena MGT Capital announced was lobbed against them late last week. News of the SEC formal demand for answers … Continue

Microcap Attorney Jaclin fights SEC fraud case by Blaming Everyone Else

A veteran microcap deal lawyer is trying to blame the young lawyers who worked for him for his alleged role in a Shell Factory scheme that spanned nearly a decade. I am reporting for Growth Capitalist today on the continued saga of the once well-respected attorney, Gregg Evan Jaclin, who plans to the fight the […]


AJ DiScala Co-Conspirator admits they did illegal trades in Microcap Fraud Ring

UPDATE 8.8.16– Court records show Goodrich was ordered to pay only $3,938 in forfeiture fines for his role in the manipulation of a stock called Cubed. He is still waiting to be sentenced. Original Text A So-Cal stock broker admitted to aiding in the pump and dump of penny stock Cubed with accused microcap fraudster […]


Microcap Attorney Jaclin’s Co-Conspirator Turned DOJ Witness in Shell Factory Scheme

This story has been updated A 20-year veteran of Microcap financing deals, attorney Gregg Evan Jaclin, has been charged with running a shell-factory shop and securities fraud for nearly a decade. Yesterday I reported at Growth Capitalist the government has been building their case against Jaclin and his co-conspirator Imran Husain for years. Jaclin is […]


Unsealed Bear Stearns emails shows Executives lied about Bank Failure

For a few months I’ve been fighting behind the scenes to get a private civil fraud lawsuit against Bear Stearns and its senior leaders Jimmy Cayne and Warren Spector unsealed. I won that battle last month in Manhattan federal court and discovered a war chest of internal emails by over a dozen Bear Stearns executives […]


Elio Motors Trades Up but Main St Investors Couldn’t Get Shares Deposited

This story has been updated Elio Motors IPO is still facing trading obstacles because thousands of mom and pop investors in the company can’t get the shares they bought in an equity crowdfunding campaign deposited with retail brokers. Since I first reported Elio’s troubles, on February 24th, at Growth Capital Investor the company told me […]