Canadian Regulator Demanded Michael Serruya turn over Defrancesco Communications: $SCU.TO

Cannabis Investor and mega Canadian millionaire Michael Serruya was hauled into the Ontario Securities Commission office last year after the Canadian regulator subpoenaed him for an on record interview and demand document production. The securities investigation centered on a Mississauga, Ontario-based coffee shop chain called Les cafés Second Cup. Michael and his brother Aaron Serruya are board members of the company which trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under $SCU,TO and the OTC Markets. … Continue

Andy Defrancesco Quits Sol Global Top Job after Bad Press Weighs on Stock price: $ $SOLCF

Andy Defrancesco has resigned from the cannabis company he helped build off large investments from Canadian mega million family the Serruyas. Sol Global Investments ($SOLCF) announced today Defrancesco is out as Chairman of the Board and Chief Investing Officer nearly a year after he took over the company. The controversial cannabis investor has been grounded in the U.S. after his immigration lawyer advised that neither he nor his wife (ex-wife on paper) Catherine Defrancesco would likely … Continue

Liberty Health Science’s Chestnut Hill Pot farm sale Between Friends: $LHS $GGB

Cannabis company Liberty Healthy Science ($LHS) announced it sold a marijuana farm called Chestnut Hill Farm in Alachau, Florida last week in an arms length transaction for US $ 14.7 million. The sale also included dispensary license rights in Ohio under the name Mad River Remedies. A review of land transfer records in Florida shows […]


SEC looking at New Names in Barry Honig Pump and Dump Scheme: $MGTI $MBVXQ

The Securities and Exchange Commission is trying to force one of the remaining defendants in the Barry Honig pump and dump scheme to turn over communication or documents that could show others role in the long running scheme. Yesterday the regulator filed a motion to compel against MGT Capital CEO Robert Ladd who refused SEC […]


Andy Defrancesco Secret Deals-Promoter Payoffs, Verano Shares pledged : $APHA $SOLCF

Cannabis company Sol Global Investments ($ $SOLCF) posted positive net income in their year end financials but failed to discloses key details about one of their most valuable assets which is their shares of Verano. The Toronto based company is run by controversial investor Andy Defrancesco in the role of Chairman and Chief Investment Officer […]


Honig’s Shell Factory Attorney Gregg Jaclin Barred as SEC lawyer

Microcap attorney Gregg Jaclin, formerly of Anslow + Jaclin LLP, has quit his three year fight against the Securities and Exchange Commission who accused him of running a multi-year shell factory scheme. Court documents show a federal judge in Central California approved a settlement on August 1 barring Jaclin from ever practicing securities law or […]


Laidlaw assisted Barry Honig in Secret stock sales Pre-P&D of U.S. Gold: $USAU

This story has been updated Barry Honig is back in the hot seat for his role in the reverse merger of U.S. Gold. Chris Carey, editor of Sharesleuth, has a new investigative story out this week that tracks the money Team Honig alleged made in the alleged pump and dumps of U.S. Gold. This morning […]


Cannabis ETF Executives Questioned on MSO investing Workaround: $YOLO

Cannabis Exchange Traded Funds are finally getting the green-light from U.S. regulators after Big Law has stepped up to shelter the registration process with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Cannabis Law Report, a publication covering legal challenges and rule making for the cannabis industry, asked me to report on the first two marijuana ETFs who […]