Sol Global Chairman Andy Defrancesco sued for Defamation by Cannabis Research Firm: $SOLCF

This story has been updated A female CEO of a cannabis research company is fighting back against controversial Marijuana investor Andy Defrancesco after he started a twitter campaign to allegedly disparage her company and her personal ethics as a CEO. In the fall of 2018, New Frontier Data, which is run by Giadha Aquirre De Carcer, broke off a business partnership with another data research firm, Prohibition Partners, after a disagreement on the quality of data used in a research report … Continue

Hudson Bay Capital tied to Barry Honig Pump and Dump Ring : MabVax $MBVX

A San Diego-based Biotech company named in the Securities and Exchange Commission's stock manipulation case against small-cap investor Barry C. Honig has come out swinging by naming another hedge fund that's allegedly part of the Team Honig pump and dump ring. In a lawsuit filed in Superior Court of California this week, MabVax Therapeutics Holdings details how New York-based Hudson Bay Capital played a pivotal role in inducing the company to go public via a reverse merger so that Barry Honig … Continue

Andy & Catherine DeFrancesco Non-Related Party Transactions? : $AWSM CoolTech

This week I was first to report the wife of a South Florida public company executive Andy DeFrancesco, who makes investments in Marijuana companies, filed court documents to end their nearly 20-year marriage. Andy’s questionable investing style has been the subject of numerous recent press reports as an investor in a cannabis stock called Aphria […]


Why DeFrancesco-Cobb’s Mega Million Florida Cannabis Farm Deal Fell Apart: $SOL

A Ruskin, Florida produce farm turned Marijuana farm is mirrored in controversy since Andy DeFrancesco and his side-kick Brady Cobb showed up in 2018 with promises of making the original investors of the pot farm get rich quick if they sold. The farm is called 3 Boys Farm. The plan consisted of selling the farm […]


About that INSIDER story on Trump attorney Charles Harder: The Journalist Bully

Anti-journalism attorney Charles Harder is subject of a story today by J.K. Trotter at Insider highlighting how he’s tried to use the court to harass journalist to turn over names of confidential sources who spoke out on his clients alleged wrong doing. Harder is Trump’s favorite media lawyer and the man that Peter Thiel backed […]


Honig’s Puppet CEO Elliot Maza settles with the SEC

UPDATE 3.29.19: BioZone executive Brian Keller has also settled with the SEC. Judge Ramos approved the settlement today which bars Keller from participating in penny stock offerings and from being a director or officer of a penny stock company. Keller has a PHD and was the Chief Scientific Officer of Biozone. Original Text A member […]


Honig’s broker dealer Laidlaw target of FBI investigation

A bio-pharma company based in Massachusetts is the newest stock to be tied to a ring of small cap fraudsters lead by Barry Honig. Yesterday I reported Eloxx Pharmaceuticals ($ELOX) is being sued for fraud in relation to a securities transaction from 2017 that directly involves accused pump and dumpster Barry Honig and Philip Frost. […]


Honig & Eloxx Pharma sued for stock fraud : $ELOX

Small-cap stock investor Barry C. Honig has been embroiled in a new set of fraud accusations for his role with a bio-pharma company called Eloxx Pharmaceuticals ($ELOX). He stands accused of working with his puppet CEO, David Rector, to force a large preferred share investor to convert his stock at a higher price then promised […]