Hedgie Greg Imbruce attempts to Hide Reporting after Enforcement Fine by CT Regulators

A Connecticut hedge fund manger under investigation by the Conn. Banking Commission for misleading his investors was fined and issued enforcement actions. News of the investigation into New Canaan resident, Greg Richard Imbruce, was first reported by me at Growth Capital Investor last year. Imbruce, who runs several Stamford-based energy-related investment funds under the umbrella of ASYM Capital, was forced by the Commission to register as an investment advisor, hire a commission-approved … Continue

The Seedy World of Microcap Stock Advisors

AJ Discala Brooklyn Courthouse July 2014

This reporting is dependent on reader donations. Please donate! The CEO of a merchant bank that helped fund dozens of micro-cap companies claims he is a target of regulatory overreach after he was indicted in late July on ten counts of criminal misconduct for his alleged role in pump and dump stock schemes. Abraxas J. Discala (known as A.J.), CEO of Connecticut-based OmniView Capital Advisors, was arrested while on business in Las Vegas in July after the Justice Department revealed what … Continue

Banker Peyton Patterson Won’t Pay Her Taxes

Peyton Patterson Bankwell

Peyton Reed Patterson, now former CEO of Bankwell, apparently doesn’t like to pay taxes. On Thursday the regional bank announced Ms. Patterson was quitting as CEO for personal reasons. This is two months after Matt Pilon of the Hartford Business Journal exposed the multi-millionaire banker for being a deadbeat with her creditors. In fact these […]


Iroquois Capital’s Josh Silverman Threatens Portfolio Stock CEO

UPDATE 7-3-14: I am reporting at Growth Capitalist hedgie Josh Silverman pulled their support of a New Jersey gaming permit for MGT in what appears to be a retaliation move against MGT CEO Robert Ladd for speaking to the press. Original Text There is a dirty battle going on between activist hedgie Josh Silverman and […]


NanoViricides Lab Building in Foreclosure Litigation

A biotech stock that recently raised $20 million in registered direct offerings came under pressure this month by a short sellers research report published at Seeking Alpha. Connecticut-based NanoVircidies has been the subject of multiple stories I reported for Growth Capitalist over the last six months detailing alleged miss-use of company assets and inaccurate statements […]


Social Rejection?: Hedgie Steve Cohen Wants Out of East Hampton

Stevie Cohen Social Network

The world’s most infamous trader wants to get out of East Hampton, NY. Yesterday I reported for the New York Observer that Stevie Cohen, of SAC Capital, is trying to broker a private deal to sell a $60 million ocean front home he bought less than a year ago. His reasoning, according to a person […]


CT Hedgie Greg Imbruce Charged by State for Investor Fraud

Greg Imbruce of ASYM

A New Canaan, Conn. hedge fund manager was charged for violating at least seven state securities laws this week including fraud and misleading regulators. Howard Pitkin’s team at the CT Banking commission made a bold move and issued a cease and desist order against Greg Imbruce of Stamford-based ASYM Capital in an attempt to stop […]


Biotech Firm NanoVircidies Sued For Executives Abuse of Assets

A Biotech company whose stock is soaring this year has caught the eye of short sellers after recent SEC filings showed possible self-dealings with company assets by its founders. I reported for Growth Capitalist last week, NanoViricides ($NNVC), was sued by a group of early angel investors in a shareholder derivative suit, filed in Colorado […]