Iroquois Capital’s Richard Abbe Sued For Fraudulent Takeover Scheme of XpresSPA

A co-founder of Iroquois Capital, Richard K. Abbe, is being accused of a fraudulent scheme to trick the founders of an airport spa business, XpresSpa, into a merger with a public Microcap company that resulted in a massive loss of their business investment. On August 6, a federal judge in New York allowed a securities fraud case to go forward against Abbe and other company executives. The lawsuit, which was filed in November 2017, has claims of undo influence, deception, and kickbacks used to … Continue

CNBC Investigates Barry Honig trading in Bitcoin Company $RIOT

We witnessed somewhat of a reporting miracle today! CNBC TV journalist Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and her producer Scott Zamost took on an on-the-ground investigation into the questionable activities of micrcocap investor Barry C. Honig and got out from behind the desk to do some real reporting. In 2016, I was first to expose that Honig and a fellow investor John O'Rourke were named in an SEC investigative subpoena regarding trading in MGT Capital. My reporting at trade publication Growth … Continue

Marlins future owner Bruce Sherman settles Bear Stearns stock fraud lawsuit

The last remaining Bear Stearns lawsuit being litigated via our federal courts for alleged securities fraud has settled out of court. On September 6th, just a few weeks before the trial was set to begin, billionaire Bruce Sherman signed a settlement that nixed the chance for the American public to see these alleged Wall St […]


Honig and Friends Sue John McAfee because they didn’t make enough money in MGT Capital deal

Barry Honig and others he invested with have filed a mudslinging breach of contract suit against the security company John McAfee is working with called MGT Capital. The lawsuit, filed in New York federal court yesterday names personally MGT president Robert Ladd, John McAfee and three of the company board members. The investor group (aka […]


Banned by SEC: Steven Muehler starts another advance fee scheme

A Southern California man named Steven J. Muehler is blatantly ignoring a ban from the equity crowding funding industry lobbed by the Securities and Exchange Commission last year. I am reporting exclusively for Growth Capitalist that Muehler is once again behind a scheme to bilk start-up CEOs out of their much needed cash with promises […]


Here it is: that MGT Capital SEC Subpoena

UPDATE: On September 15, 2016, MGT Capital received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission. The subpoena requested documents and communications between MGT and Barry Honig. It also sought documents and communications between MGT and eight other individuals and eleven entities associated with the individuals. I have not confirmed with the SEC that Barry […]


California DOJ investigating Honig and The Frost Group

UPDATE: Since publication of this article, I learned that Daniel Fisher, the plaintiff in the Biozone lawsuit reference below, submitted a letter to the SEC, through his attorney, withdrawing the SEC whistle-blower complaint that Mr. Fisher filed against Barry Honig, Michael Brauser and The Frost Group. In a separate letter from his attorney to the […]


Hacked By XwoLfTn

Hacked By XwoLfTn – Tunisian Hacker UPDATE 2.7.17 6pm – Well it looks like someone hacked my publishing platform and took down a story in the last 24 hours. Luckily I have a paper copy of the story and will be re-reporting the original story within the week. Hacking a business site and trying to […]