Honig Deals lead to FINRA Investigation of Laidlaw & Co.

Federal regulators are ramping up their investigation into small-cap broker dealer Laidlaw & Company for their role in executing stock manipulation schemes that left main street retail investors with millions in losses. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), who is leading the investigation, is currently examining the role of top Laidlaw executives in stock manipulation, lack of transparency and parking stock. Some of the stock offerings under investigation were securities sold … Continue

Managers of Top Small-Cap fund Adirondack accused of Sham Transactions to Avoid Paying Millions

Two Albany, NY men who run a successful small-cap mutual fund are headed to trial next week in a case that started with allegations of self-dealing to steal equity interest in their company in order to get out of paying a founding partner millions. Matt P. Reiner and Greg A. Roeder, the investment officers of the Lipper award-winning Adirondack Small-Cap fund, have also been accused of hiding their own income from the IRS, front running investors in the fund, and running a fund that possibly … Continue

Rockmore Capital’s Bruce Bernstein Ex-Wife Outs him for possible SEC Violations in $XSPA Deal

New evidence has come out showing Iroquois Capital, Richard Abbe and his investment partner Bruce Bernstein of Rockmore Capital lied to investors and the Securities Exchange Commission in a take over deal with airport nail salons XpresSpa ($XSPA). I previously reported the duo, are battling a serious fraud case in the Southern District of New […]


Is there a new Laidlaw-Honig Pharma Offering in Play?

This story has been updated with a response from Laidlaw It appears Honig’s lieutenants at New York brokerage Laidlaw & Company have been actively selling a new deal. One riddle with conflicts of interest and possible self dealing for Matt Eitner and Jimmy Ahern. This week I reported on an Limited Liability Company called PPLL […]


Laidlaw Execs helped Barry Honig Execute Stock Manipulation Scheme

Last week’s Securities and Exchange Commission suit against high-profile small-cap equity investors Barry Honig and Phillip Frost appears to be the first moves in a much broader crackdown against a network of brokers, promoters and even attorneys that worked with them on numerous transactions, according to internal documents and private communications I’ve obtained. Creatively named […]


Unnamed Stocks in SEC fraud suit against Barry Honig Revealed

The Securities and Exchange Commission has finally filed an enforcement action against Barry Honig, Philip Frost, and Michael Brauser for trading as a group of affiliates without disclosing their true stock ownership. A group of ten men are named in the complaint as being part of the fraud with Honig listed as the ring leader. […]


Broker Chief Michael Morris Pleads Guilty in A.J. Discala Stock Manipulation Scheme

In a surprise turn of events the last co-conspirator in the A.J. Discala stock fraud case is changing his plea. Micheal T. Morris who owned and ran one of the New York broker dealers that helped the Discala crew execute pump and dumps schemes in multiple small cap stocks will be in Brooklyn federal court […]


Kesner’s Out: Why is Barry Honig’s Securities Lawyer Retiring

UPDATE 9.5.18 – Harvey Kesner’s law firm has removed his name from the firm today. According to a member of the law firm this a clear signal that his fellow partners don’t want to be associated with him or his ties to his biggest client Barry Honig. You can see here the firm is now […]