Barry Honig allegedly set up Undisclosed promotion in Majesco $Cool $PTE to influence Stock price

In September 2015 Barry Honig arranged for a stock list promotor to write favorable analysis on a company called Majesco ($COOL) and distribute it to thousands of main street investors, according to people interviewed by this reporter and familiar with the transaction. To allegedly get around SEC disclosure rules Honig promised to pay the promoter on their next deal if the person did this one for free and on September 15 2015 that's exactly what happen, according to a person involved in the … Continue

Honig’s attorney Kesner Gets out of paying Baker Botts attorney fees in Frivolous Lawsuit: $MBVX

MabVax's lawyers, Baker Botts, are not going to be able to collect attorney fees for the allegedly frivolous lawsuit Barry Honig's deal attorney, Harvey Kesner, filed against the firm in purportedly retaliation for Baker Botts suing Kesner's clients, like Honig, for their alleged role in manipulating the stock of Mabvax and destroying the company asset values. Kesner was previously sanctioned by a New York judge in the case, for improper filing in his case in New York. The judge ended up … Continue

Barry Honig’s law firm SRF llp pays out in Malpractice Settlement : $MBVX

Attorney Harvey Kesner and his former law firm Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP have agreed to payoff MabVax Therapeutics for Kesner’s alleged role in committing malpractice tied to a securities fraud pump and dump scheme led by his client Barry C. Honig. MabVax’s bankruptcy judge approved the settlement on September 15 because it was an amount […]


Laidlaw Executives who settled Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Accused of new Retaliation

New York broker dealer Laidlaw & Company has been sued in federal court for violating a confidential settlement over a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a black broker who worked in their New York office from 2013-2019. The lawsuit filed on August 6, 2020 says Laidlaw agreed to pay George Calhoun $650,000 for workplace violations […]


Attorney Harvey Kesner sanctioned in Frivolous Lawsuit relating to MabVax: $MBVX

UPDATE July 17,2020: Harvey Kesner has dismissed his $35 million lawsuit against law firm Baker Botts and attorney Johnathan Shapiro for allegedly getting him fired when they told his former law partners that among other things they found attorney Kesner had assisted in a coverup for MabVax in a regulator investigation. Kesner’s attorney is Steven […]


Aegis $5.1 million overnight raise for Digital Ally in Question: $DGLY

A small cap company that supplies bodycams to law enforcement, Digital Ally, saw its stock jump over 100% on Monday after protest riots in the U.S. extended over the weekend. The newly minted company gains got the attention of New York-based broker Aegis Capital Corp who convinced Digital Ally’s CEO, Stan Ross, to use its […]


FINRA Investigation Confirmed: Laidlaw’s Execs Eitner & Ahern directed Securities Fraud

The securities regulator for U.S. broker dealers has confirmed the men who run Laidlaw & Company are currently under investigation for directing a person who worked for them to commit securities fraud involving at least two public companies. On March 6 2020, FINRA marked Laidlaw’s president Matt Eitner, its Chief Compliance officer John Coolong, and […]


SEC gets Penny Stock bans for Florida men in Honig Pump & Dump scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission has finalized the settlement deals for three members of Barry Honig’s pump and dump securities fraud scheme. John Stetson, Michael Brauser, and John O’Rourke III all agreed to penny stock bans at varying degrees and to not hold more than 4.99% in a penny stock. The SEC settlement is seen […]