Now Playing in New Canaan: Hairy Penis

Elm Street in New Canaan, CT has been pranked this morning. In a location packed daily with wealthy housewives and their well dress kids in tow, now sits a movie sign inviting people to come see films with names like ‘Hairy Penis’. (You know instead of Harry Potter)

It looks like some creative senior high school pranksters are responsible but will the N.C.P.D. now try to charge the culprits with disturbing the peace? I heard a father with two reading age boys ask the Fire Marshal to get a ladder and take down the offending words but of course it’s on private property so he can’t legally do it himself. If you’re part of the crew who gave the rest of us a great laugh today email me. I’d love to hear how you pulled it off and of course will keep your identity secret.

What happens when New Canaan Teens use a Magic Wand

UPDATE: By 11:45 am the letters were removed. Let’s hope it was the theater owner who ordered the sign changed and not the local cops interfering with private property. Of course residents know it’s not THAT kind of playhouse but maybe someone is trying to encourage the owner to show more indy films.


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  1. Really funny Teri. I needed the laugh after I watched the Dow go below 400 this afternoon. Keep up the great work.

  2. Huh? You used to write really interesting business news for the Stamford Advocate, I looked forward to your insight and access inside the street in your articles. What happened?

    • I actually wrote for Greenwich Time and now still report interesting news for trade publications at DealFlow Media. I knew the local papers wouldn’t cover this prank and thought we all needed a laugh today given the markets 500 point decline. Seeing words related to sex parts in downtown New Canaan also might be a historic event :). Thanks for reading Andy.

  3. Teri – my brother lives in New Canaan and I’m now checking to see if my wild nephew was out and about lately …….


  4. saw you on keiser report, you are one clever girl. you exposing ‘big’ criminals, are you that fearless?

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