1. I was surprised to see in the local papers this morning that this type of activity is still going on. Glad the neighbors called the police in and I hope no-one was hurt this time. You were right on target with this issue. Too bad it wasn’t taken seriously a year ago!

  2. I think there will never be an end to underage parties…even if the legal age were changed..there would still be paties that get out of control and kids that get hurt..let’s face it, most parents don’t teach their kids any responsibility anymore or about making good choices! This story is shocking in so many ways..and I cringe wondering what it will take for this mother daughter team to learn..they should be forced to spend some time with MADD and find out what can really happen!

    • Westporter: I agree with your comment that some time spent with MADD might be an eye-opener for the family. That would be a very good public service suggestion for the Underwoods to be involved with.

  3. Most of us were expecting an article about this party and instead we got a little synopsis of your personal life. I really don’t care who you’re dating or who you used to date. Yes, a mistake was made on their part but I’m sure they’re already under enough stress without you bashing their whole family. Have some respect.

    • Ksimko1 – As a professional journalist I use this blog to write a view point on the stories I’m paid to write for other publications. Since I’ve known some of the people in this blog post through a personal relationship I need to disclose that. Also if I see the local reporters miss a story or leave out facts in their reporting I’ll use this blog to report it out.

      It’s interesting you think hosting multiple underage drinking parties is a mistake on Lori Underwood’s part. In 2006 the state made it illegal. Do you think the law should be repealed?

      • Teri, you would be remiss not to disclose that you had some sort of relationship, though not sure of detail required. I’m glad to see a reposting of events…This new infraction by the Underwoods seems to vindicate your position from last summer and if they had approx. 60 (!) teen guests, it is NOT a family issue, it is a town issue that should be commented on, and censored, by their peers.

  4. Very interesting points. Thanks!

  5. Teri, get a copy of the NCHS directory if you can’t find phone number or email address for the family. I’d love to hear what the younger siblings were doing during the party.

    • NC Mom – That’s a good point and it will be interesting to see if it’s mentioned in the warrant report. Avery has a younger sister under 18 but I don’t know how old the brother is.

      I’d also like to hear from anyone who was at the party and saw Lori serving drinks or knows if she gave Avery the money to buy the alcohol. Tips can be sent to Tipper names will be kept confidential.

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  8. I don’t get it.

    What is the issue here?

    Billions stolen, but hey, here are teenagers getting drunk – What a mess!

    • What’s odd is that the NC Patch has not continued to report on this story considering Avery Underwood was in court last week and a copy of the arrest report would have been available. As local reporters they should check the NCPD view of event vs. the arrest report and try to interview the Underwoods to confirm the account of the cops at the scene. You see the Patch reports only come from a verbal account of the events the NCPD gives them a few days after the event. Now I find this really odd since other CT towns will show reporters the police blogs and reports – A constitutional right we should all of have access to given our taxes pay for the NCPD’s jobs?

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  10. why are you excluding the underwoods when there are pictures of moms drinking and playing drinking games with their children ON FACEBOOK? kids are going to drink, quite frankly it shouldn’t be mrs.underwoods fault if a bunch of kids are drinking, its those kids’ parents fault so get on their case. i mean when they let their kids leave the house you really believe they don’t know what their children are going to do? clearly the parents were aware the kids were going to a house to drink+party so those parents are just as much at fault

    • NC Student – Care to share names of other local parents you’ve seen host underage drinking parties?

      The Underwood family is the subject of this post because there was a news event (Avery being charged with two felonies) and this is one of the families I had documented evidence on. I don’t go to print until I have multiple sources and evidence to support the news but there are other familes I’ve been investigating as part of a broader story.

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  12. This just made my week. So glad I didn’t party in high school. And no, I will not send you my perspective on going to NCHS a few years ago in case you were wondering. Good night all.

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