1. It’s great to find someone so on the ball

  2. Julie T. says

    Great work, Teri.
    Republicans now seem to have no trouble flouting the law or even their own Party rules and think they can do whatever they please. They have no trouble electing leaders who have seedy backgrounds – Darien just re-elected Bob Bewkes who was embroiled with the SEC for insider trading – and this is another case of their disdain for doing what’s right.

    Susan Shultz, a shaky Darien Times reporter on the best of days, went out of her way to soften the damage and find a NYT piece to say ‘it didn’t appear to be driven by greed’ – if it wasn’t greed, what in the world was it?

    We are no longer getting accurate, objective, investigative reporting by the Hersam papers. OHora and Osterndorf now seem like just the latest horrible examples.

    You should look at another blatant example. The CT GOP is holding their annual Prescott Bush dinner on the evening BEFORE the April 24 CT Primary. They are throwing their weight behind the wife of one of the candidates, Ann Romney, by featuring her as keynote speaker in direct violation of their own Rules (Article V Section 2). Many Republicans are shocked at this naked public endorsement of a specific candidate when the nomination is not over.

    Keep up the good work, Teri. Republicans are descending into Alinsky-like behavior to get and retain power. We need somebody to show these poor excuses for papers what good investigative journalism looks like.

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