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Guynn Update: Mormon Wife Quits Big Law Lawyer Accused of Mistress Assault

UPDATE 10-19-12: King & Spalding confirmed this morning Guynn is no longer with the firm. Although Steven hasn’t updated his twitter profile that promotes himself as “a partner at a pre-eminent law firm in New York City, who has led more than $150 billion of global transactions”.

Original Text
The Big Law lawyer, Steven Guynn, who was arrested for allegedly hitting his New Canaan mistress is getting divorced. Guynn, a practicing Mormon and long time New Canaan native, made international headlines this March after Jeannette Schaefer convinced the New Canaan police she was a victim of multiple domestic violence assaults by Guynn and then got him arrested. Guynn was charged with third-degree assault, second-degree threatening, and interference with a 911 call. At the time of Guynn’s arrest I was told his wife of 20+ years, Kristie Guynn, was standing by him and Guynn denied he assaulted his mistress. After the arrest, I published an investigative story on Schaefer that showed she had a history of scamming people in her raw food and massage business that Guynn helped her set up.

Guynn’s criminal case has magically disappeared off the Connecticut court case look up system. His attorney, Christian Young, got it moved to the Domestic Violence docket in April. Guynn who had no earlier domestic violence charges was likely allowed to apply for the Domestic Violence Family Education program. The case gets sealed and after a set time of good behavior the charges are erased off his record. Schaeffer, who’d been hounding Guynn for money after he cut off support of her RawFlora business, moved out of New Canaan and I’ve been told is now living on the West Coast.

Guynn’s law firm, King & Spalding, didn’t fire him right after the arrest but he is no longer listed on the company’s website so it looks like he either left or was asked to leave.There doesn’t seem to be a lot of Big Love support in Guynn’s marital life either. Court records show the wife, Kristie, filed for divorce on June 19th. Their lux 6-bedroom 9-bath home at 309 Laurel Road in New Canaan went up for sale this summer listed at $3.6 million. This is the house the police report said Schaeffer was at when Guynn punched her 30 times and they’d have sleep-overs while the wife was gone. There are some sweet photos of the Guynn’s spread here. It’s been on the market for over 150 days and the price has been dropped to $3.295 million.

Guynn’s attorney, Christian Young, did not return emails for comment. I got some agressive attack emails from Schaeffer after I ran a story on her in March and I haven’t been able to reach her to comment on the outcome of her assault case.