Ruth Jones Empire Keeps Crumbling

UPDATE 8-26-13: Ruth Jones was arrested for three counts of larceny felony charges in a real estate scam this week that involved her allegedly renting out the home of NBC senior producer Jennifer Hilton, and keeping the rent money, after she was hired as a listing agent to sell the home. Ruth’s son, Adam Jones, was also arrested along with her friend Lynda Silvestro of Hoyt Livery. The news was first reported by the New Canaan Advertiser.

Ruth Jones Arrested for Real Estate Scam

Ruth Jones Arrested for Real Estate Scam

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Ruth Jones real estate empire is still being gutted and auctioned off on the court house steps. Last week four more New Canaan properties were sold via her bankruptcy trustee Richard Cohen. One of the buyers was a bank Jones owed money to who used a credit bid to secure the house. Robert Deak and Moshira Soliman picked up the three other smaller homes. This fall Jones lost a three-year bankruptcy battle and was forced into liquidation.

She’s not making it easy for Cohen to sell the homes and get creditors paid. He had to file a motion for contempt because she wouldn’t turn over records showing how much of a security deposit the rental properties had. Ridgefield Bank took legal ownership of her Beacon Hill McMansion in September — it’s not clear if they plan to sell or rent it out. Court filings show Jones had second and third loans on most of the auctioned properties which means proceeds from sale don’t even get near paying back all the banks she owes. A bankruptcy plan filed by Jones in November said she also owes the town of New Canaan a little over $39,000 and she wanted to have five years to pay that back.

Jones was an investor in failed USA Bank who also gave her second loans on some of the properties auctioned off taking the loan to value way over 100 percent. USA Bank is still subject to a FDIC investigation for bank fraud.

Ruth is still appealing her bankruptcy in federal court but it’s not stopping her assets, including the Bentley (repo), being sold off. I’m not sure where Jones is living at the moment but she’s still actively trying to make living selling high-end real estate.

Here is a list of what the homes sold for:
384 White Oak Shade – $855,751.78
50 Urban Street – $420,000
41 Hillside Ave – $390,000
29-31 Strawberry Hill Rd – $486,000


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  1. How come Ruth Jones and Linda’s trial is delayed until 2019 , who do they know in the court system ?

    • J.K. – In the Connecticut Judicial system when something is going to trial, it’s put on the so-called “11/11/19” docket. That way the defendant does not have to keep making regular court appearances

  2. Mike murphy says

    Because she is part of the in town Italian crowd, that the first select man supports and has even told the the building dept to look the other way when it comes to jones in her real estate business. Of course lets not forget who the chief of police is married to.

  3. Who is the chief married to? Ruth has been a scammer for years…so nothing surprises anyone at this point. Is she going to the slammer?

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