China Stock ZST Planned “Go Dark” Scheme to Cheat U.S. Investors

UPDATE 6-3-13: I reported for Growth Capitalist today that the firms who ZST went to for their ‘go dark’ plan in 2011 were Scorpion Capital and Global Hunter Securities.

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A wealthy businessman from New Canaan, CT is single handedly taking on a China company, ZST Digital, that gutted U.S. investors who bought into its NASDAQ-exchange traded stock. Peter Duetsch, who owns a New York-based wine distribution company, has watched U.S. regulators stand by and do nothing to go after the China reverse-merger companies and the boiler-room American investment firms that promoted their now worthless stocks. So after he saw ZST simply stop filing financial statements in a move to ‘go dark’ he asked his long time business lawyer David Graff to use the Delaware Courts to inspect what really happen. What he found made his blood boil.

I reported for Growth Capitalist on Thursday, the court appointed receiver, Rob Seiden of Confidential Security and Investigations, pulled off a move no one has witnessed yet in the aftermath of Chinese reverse-merger frauds. Seiden got control of ZST’s parent company assets and bank accounts in China. He found this company is sitting on tons of money and not in dire straights. So why did it stop filing financial statements with U.S. regulators and make its company seem to have gone out of business?

I reported messages recovered on ZST’s CFO cell phone during a raid of his home show the company was allegedly working with a few U.S. investment firms in a scheme to depress the stock and then buy it back for cheap and take it private. Apparently we now have Wall Street types helping the Chinese raise money from main street investors and then say screw you to U.S. securities laws because they think the long arm of the American law can’t reach them in China. But Deutsch said, “I can’t let them do that to us” and used a bulldog private eye, Seiden, to attempt a global take down of these alleged foreign cheaters.

Deutsch, who has gotten the Delaware court to say he’s owed $32 million by ZST for his 3,431,370 shares in the company hasn’t gotten his money back yet but my report at shows how close he is. Last week Seiden even found the ZST owner in China was so bold, he moved cash out of the company into his personal bank account in the last 30 days while litigation was ongoing. That’s fraudulent conveyance, which could be litigated against the CEO personally in a China court. And you bet Deutsch is going to try to use that info to get the company to pay up on the U.S. court ordered claim.

Attorney David Graff told Growth Capitalist, “Based on a review of assets we seized, and our own investigation in China, we think we’ll be able to show ZST has $75 million to $100 million in cash.”

This wasn’t the only China reverse merger stock Deutsch invested millions in. Financial journalist Roddy Boyd questioned why a small time investment advisor firm in New Hampshire, run by Carol and David O’Leary, was putting Deutsch’s millions into these China stocks after research reports came out advising investors of problems in their SEC filings. Boyd’s story questioned why Deutsch was going long in barley collapsed companies–it’s not like Deutsch was a professional investor. Deutsch’s attorney, David Graff, says his client just trusted the audited financials statements filed with the SEC. But I haven’t been give an on record reason from Deutsch on why he spent so much money in these risky China stocks.

What I do know is if Deutsch, Graff, and Seiden pull off this international take back expect more U.S. high net worth investors to use private eyes and civil litigation to hit the wallets of China company CEO’s who screwed them over on reserve merger stocks and not wait for the likes of the SEC to fight for their investor rights.

To follow the outcome of the case check out my reporting at


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  1. So Peter Duetsch is forced to litigate in Delaware with the help of attorney David Graff, and also investigate ZST Digital behind the scenes with the services of Rob Seiden. Seiden gets hold of ZST’s parent company assets and bank account records in China and finds ZST sitting on hidden cash. It is also discovered that some of the hidden cash ended-up in the personal bank account of the ZST Owner.

    Well done, gentlemen! This is going to set a precedent that will not only allow investors to recover their money, but will also exemplify how absolutely useless the SEC and the Justice Department are!

  2. JohnRobert says

    Awesome stuff!!!!!!!

  3. Can you tell us who the U.S. investment firm is Teri? Did Rodman also help ZST plan to Go Dark?

    Good reporting

    • Teri Buhl says

      No it wasn’t Rodman & Renshaw Tim. I do know who the firm is but you’ll have to read my reporting at Growth Capitalist to find out.

  4. Wow! Would love to hear the SEC’s comments on this one!

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