Thanks Readers: Your Donations Fund Great Journalism

It’s my 41st birthday today and I wanted to say to thanks to all the readers and fellow financial journalist who have helped make a news publication over the last three years. Last year we raised a few thousand dollars to revamp the look of this site which made it easier to read on mobile deceives and streamline the layout for better readability. The news and opinion published at this site is reader driven and reader funded. This year I’d like to raise at least one thousand dollars to cover legal document research needed for investigative reporting and help fund the web bill to host this site.

In the last year we:
– Beat a DDOS attack that intended to shut down this site by a subject of some of my financial reporting
– Covered problems in the CT States Attorney office and police misconduct
– Reported on investor fraud in smaller hedge funds and broker dealers often ignored by my peers at the major financial news
– Kept you informed of the mortgage-backed security fraud investigations by federal regulators and rmbs investors in the JP Morgan / Bear Stearns cases

A little bit about my reporting impact this year:
-Three years of reporting turned into DOJ criminal arrest of three partners at Ridgefield-based New Stream Capital – a once billion hedge fund that cheated it’s investors and clients. They are facing 10 years in jail
-Frontline made a move about my original reporting on the criminal acts of Bear Stearns traders in the mortgage securities business who the DOJ had ignored and this month we are seeing the DOJ finally take action against JPM with double-digit billions in fines and maybe the Bear Stearns traders for these sins.
-We exposed a new fraud scheme at Sun Trust Bank that spear-headed a current SEC investigation
-And somehow stayed out of jail after the malicious prosecution of a local States attorney looking to force a journalist to expose whistleblowers/story sourcing

At I report the news with the same editorial standards and ethics I carry out at the financial trade publications who buy my freelance stories. And with your generous donations it enables me to make sure the news I am covering stays outside of a paywall and is at times painfully accurate and always enlightening.

If you can give $10 or $100 today (see the Paypal buttons or BTC button on the homepage) every donation makes a difference to delivering excellent smashmouth investigative journalism.
Thanks to my fans from around the world for coming back again and again to read!


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  1. Congrats Teri.

    Happy to hear things are going well, keep it up!

  2. What’s the latest with the Kapoutsos trial? Haven’t heard anything in a while…

  3. Congratulations for your site & many happy returns for your b/d.
    Keep it up …

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