New Canaan Cops Arrest Mogul’s Daughter Kalikow for Masturbation


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The daughter of the former owner of the New York Post, Kathryn Kalikow, is having a rough time managing life at a local rehab center in New Canaan, CT. Last night a New Canaan cop on cruise patrol was driving around the back roads of New Canaan near the celeb drug and sex addiction hospital SilverHill when the officer claims to have seen 27 year old Kalikow pulling up her pants while in the backseat of her car and then arrest her because she was performing what most consider a perfectly normal sexual act on her self – masturbation.

The news was first reported by the New Canaan Advertiser.

Kalikow made tabloid headlines when she was arrested in New York this March with her boyfriend for allegedly selling bags of heroin on Craigslist. Her real estate mogul Dad made public statements that they were going to get her in rehab and she plead not guilty.

The NCPD released her without bail thanks goodness because a late night arrest like that would have been a pain to post bail on. But we have to question how the local cop really saw Kalikow performing this private action in the backseat of her car to give him cause to call it public indecency?

Kalikow had a 11pm curfew and the arrest was at 10:30pm so it’s not like she was violating curfew.

The NCPD did not release the name of the arresting officer during their Monday press briefing and are not returning a FOI request for the name of the arresting officer – which under CT FOI laws has to be made public.

Attorney Frank DiScala who represented actor Erik Douglas on a sex related charge while he was at SilverHill in the 90’s and won an acquittal for Douglas thinks the NCPD arrest is ‘ludicrous and an invasion of privacy’.

DiScala told me in an interview today, “The punishment of public humiliation that the NCPD uses to provide very personal details to the press could qualify as being unconstitutional. These allegations, which are a private act, that almost every person could relate to do not need to be detailed to embarrass Ms. Kalikow.”

NCPD officer John DiFederico gave the press briefing today where he told reporters Ms. Kalikow told the police “she would drive from rehab to masturbate because it’s not allowed at her rehab.”

Really Officer DiFederico did all that have to be in the press brief?

What’s next will the New Canaan Town Council create an ordinance that no masturbation is allowed in ‘The Next Station to Heaven’? It’s not like she was standing on the road doing it or even on a high traffic street. She was on Millport Ave near East Ave in the backseat of her property (a car).

Kathryn Kalikow is due in court over this silly misdemeanor arrest on October 23rd.


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  1. Sounds like the New Canaan cop has his own issues for spying on this poor girl. I would love to see how the defense argues if it is a bogus arrest.
    Good write up Teri.

    • What happened to our community where we look out for each other and took care of one another? An arrest for this? The fact that the arresting officer’s name isn’t released is an interesting point. Police in New Canaan aren’t our friends, they aren’t protecting us they are trying to “get” us and protect themselves from well deserved scrutiny with stories like this – Pathetic NCPD. Such a sad story.

  2. Seriously? The police are the ones who deserve a public shaming over this.

  3. Daniel Cooper says

    This is normal Terri Buhl? I guess even at 35, I’m a bit more conservative than most who claim that philosophy and I usually vote Democrat, for whatever that is worth now.

  4. lady in red says

    As usual the ncpd has nothing better to do with their time. Maybe they should be trying to fix some of the other issues they have been dealing with lately instead of worrying about what someone is doing in their own car. What an excuse to try and make their quota. I wonder which officer had the xray vision to see in the backseat of her car while he was driving!

  5. Wonder if the cop pleasured himself while watching the women with her pants down. After all they are always flirted with our high school students

  6. ChuckNorris says

    Does the Pleasuring Police now train K9’s to hit on this act?

  7. so lets say that I decide to go behind NCHS tomorrow night near the waveny pool and have my lady friend perform the act of fellatio on me. a cop pulls up and see said act taking place. is this not public indecency anymore. I remember a day when sexual acts or nudity in plain view of children was looked upon as a crime. a child or young teenager could have walked by this girls car while she was pleasuring herself and been psychologically scared from seeing such an act. I mean there is housing on both Millport ave and East ave is there not. Its not like this girl chose to go to a private dead end road….and even then public indecency is still a crime….sorry. I don’t feel bad for people who peddle drugs then later continue to break the law and because their daddy is worth 600 million we should feel bad for her. pleasure yourself in your own room. she told the police it was forbidden to do that on Silver Hills property….sadly for this girl its also illegal to do in public.

    • Kevin – if the ncpd have a comment over this arrest I will add it to story. But as an officer I would hope you would comment with your full name so the reader knows your background. Assuming this is really Officer Kevin Casey?

    • Kevin gives himself away with his “because their daddy is worth 600 million” remark. Kevin is just a jealous, envious little jerk.

    • Trudy Trees says

      I’m with you Kevin. Clearly, this young person thinks she can do whatever she wants wherever she wants. That’s a problem no matter how much money you have. But my guess is that if she had NO money she’d be sitting in a jail cell. The sooner we start treating everyone the same, no matter who you are or how much money you have, the better for everyone. And after all, isn’t that what we all want? We all want a decent place to live where we all play by the same rules.

    • Kevin and Trudy. You have no merit attacking her bc of her father. You guys are just jealous , blood sucking vampires who crave stories about celebrity gossip and breakdowns. Shame on you both. Have some fridge n sympathy. This has absolutely nothing to do with her past. It has to do with creepy cops going after a headline by using her family’s name to tarnish an innocent girls rep. Shame on you. I hope you both never get what you want.

  8. Better to masturbate than shoot smack! Just sayin.

  9. The real issue here is that the citizens of the United States need to vote for the end to the war on drugs, instituted by your ex-criminal president, Nixon. How’s that for irony?

    The Supreme Court of Argentina ruled that drug consumption is a private matter and the state has no say in the matter, and I don’t see how anyone can disagree with this. My body – my decision on what goes into it. Very simple concept to grasp.

    Legalise the consumption, production and distribution of drugs. End of story.

    And equally, people were born naked, therefore we all have an inherit right to walk this Earth completely naked without prosecution. Too bad if your eyes are offended by what is natural. Go move to some other planet where babies are born with clothes on then.

  10. This is outrageous. The NCPD is patrolling near SilverHill sex and drug hospital and allegedly observes Kathryn Kalikow pulling up her pants in the backseat of her car?

    I agree with Attorney Frank DiScala.

    The NCPD arrest is ‘ludicrous and an invasion of privacy’.

    Aren’t there any REAL crimes occurring in New Canaan, Connecticut?

  11. David Sutherland says

    Obviously Leftists and Democrats mostly commenting here.

    Drive by search engine dropped my to this site re: Bitcoin article.

    Yes, Leftists, most people in America still consider masturbation in public, as with other sex acts in public, or other lewd behavior still something to be cited for.

    The sad thing is that all you guys criticizing the cops for the citation are sincere. You probably wouldn’t have a problem with your neighbors nekkid in the street moaning or taking craps on your other’s neighbors lawns because you consider humans just like regular animals.

    Guess what? Humans are like other animals. Most have morals. And that includes repressing some sexual desires. Yes, that’s right, it’s not a good thing to have sex with anyone, anywhere, or with yourself in the back seat of a car on a public road. Think it through and you might be able to figure out why that is.

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