I’m a professional financial investigative journalist who has written for the Greenwich Time, Hearst CT Newspapers, Forbes Magazine, Fortune.com, The Atlantic.com, New York Magazine, New York Post, Trader Monthly, Housingwire, ML-Implode, The Business Insider, Long Island Business News, Dealbreaker, New York Observer, Bitcoin Magazine, DealFlow Media and more. I am currently a reporter for Market Nexus Media who publishes a financial trade publication called Growth Capital Investor.

I earned my breaking/investigative news chops reporting during the financial crisis in 2008 for the Sunday edition of the New York Post. I was one of the first to report on the missteps at IndyMac that lead to a U.S. GAO (Government Accountability Office) report clearing Senator Schumer on any blame for the run on IndyMac. Caught hedge funds like Carrington Capital abusing investors without disclosing conflicts of interest with senior RMBS bond holders; they were sued by Wilbur Ross for Civil RICO. I’ve called out Wells Fargo for manipulating earnings with paper accounting gains. I exposed Bear Stearns misleading rating agencies on the quality of the loans in their mortgage-backed securities, which led to an accounting fraud lawsuit against JP Morgan and an SEC settlement. Since 2010 multiple Wall Street firms that my reporting warned about have been [JP Morgan, SpongeTech, Security Savings Bank, Palm Beach Capital Management, New Stream Capital, NIR Group, Bear Stearns RMBS Traders, Mike Perry IndyMac CEO] investigated or charged for financial violations by the FBI/SEC/State AG or shut down by bank regulators.

The Huffington Post named me the number three most dangerous financial journalist for being willing to challenge the establishment and inform readers best. I’m working on trade-marking “Smashmouth Journalism” !

In 2009 I started a series of investigative reports that ran at, Dealbreaker, HF-Implode, Dealflow Media, Forbes, and Growth Capital Investor exposing hedge fund executives at Ridgefield-based New Stream Capital, run by David Bryson, over a scheme to defraud their investors through lying about the firm’s capital structure and asset valuations. In May 2015 three of the executives were sentenced to serious jail time by Conn. federal Judge Janet Hall. Jail for CT hedgies is rare but the government’s appetite to imprison for white collar crime is slowly changing.

Frontline has made a documentary film about my reporting at The Atlantic on the Bear Stearns RMBS traders who stole billions from their own clients but have never been prosecuted for criminal wrong doing.

I was raised a Reagan Republican and believe in free markets but don’t let me catch you abusing them or you’ll end up in one of my stories.

I live in New York City and earned an Accounting/Business degree from the University of Southern California. I do not take any form of payment from subjects of a story to print news or opinions at this publication and hold no economic interest in the companies I write about. I will take a paid ad on this news publication which doesn’t signal an endorsement from me. Some of the news reports on this publication have been paid for via crowdfunding at www.piratemyfilm.com This is a news publication not a blog. My original reporting is often sourced, quoted and followed by my peers at other main stream publications. The full body of the text can not be republished without my permission. I expect journalistic standards to be carried out with links and name credit if you follow one of my news reports.

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