Cops bust Harry Connick Jr. daughter Georgia for hosting illegal drinking party

Georgia Connick

UPDATE 9.2.15: The New Canaan Advertiser did their job today and showed up in court to report on Georgia Connick’s arraignment. The State showed it doesn’t treat all New Canaan residents equal though and allowed Georgia to get an off-books delay for October. Meaning the media wasted their time showing up. It also signals an […]


No Bail for Microcap Ringleader B.J. Gallison

Gallison Family Photo

A Southern California guy whose parents were pillars of La Jolla society has just been told there is no way he’s getting bail. Harold (B.J.) Gallison Jr. was arrested on July 14th for the second time as the ringleader of multiple microcap frauds. On Friday the Dept of Justice showed a San Diego federal judge […]


SEC knew Collecting $14.5 mn Hedgie Ribotsky fine Would Fail

Ribotsky a few years ago when he had hair

N.I.R. Group hedge fund founder, Corey Ribotsky, filed for personal bankruptcy leaving a whopping $36 million of debt unpaid a year after he settled with the SEC for investor fraud. Today I am reporting for Growth Capitalist that court records allude to the notion that the government knew Ribotsky wouldn’t be able to pay his […]


Plainfield Asset Mgt Investors Insulted by Ex- Hedgie Executive’s Cheap Cash Offer

Marc Sole former Plainfield Asset Mgt PM

A former top dog portfolio manager at hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management, Marc Sole, is using the funds of his new hedge fund to try and buy out remaining investors in the now defunct Plainfield for a discount. According to offer documents seen by this reporter Sole, who now works for $4 billion Hudson Bay […]


Hedgie Greg Imbruce attempts to Hide Reporting after Enforcement Fine by CT Regulators

Greg Imbruce of ASYM

A Connecticut hedge fund manger under investigation by the Conn. Banking Commission for misleading his investors was fined and issued enforcement actions. News of the investigation into New Canaan resident, Greg Richard Imbruce, was first reported by me at Growth Capital Investor last year. Imbruce, who runs several Stamford-based energy-related investment funds under the umbrella […]


The Seedy World of Microcap Stock Advisors

AJ Discala Brooklyn Courthouse July 2014

UPDATE March 6th 2015: AJ Discala’s trading partner at OmniView Capital has thrown in the towel. Marc E. Wexler who was charged on multiple counts of securities fraud plead guilty to two felony charges on October 15th and agreed to pay a forfeiture bond of $1.4 million. Wexler who lives in Colts Neck New Jersey […]


Banker Peyton Patterson Won’t Pay Her Taxes

Peyton Patterson Bankwell

Peyton Reed Patterson, now former CEO of Bankwell, apparently doesn’t like to pay taxes. On Thursday the regional bank announced Ms. Patterson was quitting as CEO for personal reasons. This is two months after Matt Pilon of the Hartford Business Journal exposed the multi-millionaire banker for being a deadbeat with her creditors. In fact these […]


Iroquois Capital’s Josh Silverman Threatens Portfolio Stock CEO

UPDATE 7-3-14: I am reporting at Growth Capitalist hedgie Josh Silverman pulled their support of a New Jersey gaming permit for MGT in what appears to be a retaliation move against MGT CEO Robert Ladd for speaking to the press. Original Text There is a dirty battle going on between activist hedgie Josh Silverman and […]