Fed Up Financial Journalist Speaks Out

I’m an independent Wall Street investigative reporter who has written for multiple major media publications about the deals and players who drive our finance industry. This blog will attempt to shine a light on the pieces of a story that I think the reporter left out or were so important they needed a ‘pay attention to this’.
I will also talk about the stories I’m reporting on that are often behind a paywall; with an eye on explaining why I’m writing about this subject or what the important breaking news is.

After four years of watching liberal media bias or financial reporters attempt to report on a subject they simple don’t understand (or haven’t researched) I think it’s time to talk about what’s not being reported in a story. Additionally, if I see a blogger or reporter deliver the most accurate or insightful piece of a financial news event, I plan to use my gumshoe journalism and business experience to tell you why you might want to pay attention to it.

Thanks for reading!