Judge says Honig’s attorney Harvey Kesner can be Sued for Fraud and Malpractice : $MBVX

A California federal judge has ruled former Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP attorney Harvey Kesner can be sued for fraud in a malpractice suit filed by biopharma firm Mabvax. Mabvax says whiles attorney Kesner was working for them he didn't disclose a conflict of interest in his role advising Barry Honig who was an investor in MabVax. On top of that Kesner stands accused of leaking confidential company information that benefited Honig financially and for charging MabVax to help them in their SEC … Continue

Court Filing Doesn’t show Barry Honig called off SEC settlement

Tuesday night a couple of CNBC reporters got followers of the Barry C. Honig pump and dump fraud case doing a double take after Scott Zamost, Ritika Shah and Jennifer Schlesinger reported Honig's settlement deal for securities fraud with the Securities and Exchange Commission was off the table. The remaining defendants in the case had filed a document called a Rule 26(f) report which details the discovery scheduled they've tried to hash out with SEC prosecutors. Team CNBC thought one line in the … Continue

Ex-Hedge Funder Mark Nordlicht Bail Revocation for Intimidation is Reversed

The Eastern District of New York’s attempt to jail Mark Nordlicht, of now defunct Platinum Partners, for the remaining of his hedge fund fraud trial has failed. Today at the end of trial, U.S. District Judge Cogan reversed his decision to revoke Nordlicht’s bond, which sent him to Brooklyn’s rough jailhouse last night known as […]


Federal Judge Halts Rockmore Capital Bruce Bernstein plan to seize XpresSpa Assets : $XSPA

A federal judge has stopped Hedge fund manager Bruce Bernstein of Rockmore Capital from gutting the assets and cash of XpresSpa Group by issuing a temporary restraining order on Monday against Rockmore’s move to manufacture a default on a $6.5 million senior secured note against the Airport spa business. Because the asset of the public […]


Bloomberg Journalist Subpoenaed in Platinum Partners Securities Fraud Trial

The criminal trial of Mark Nordlicht and his team of executives at hedge fund Platinum Partners is looking like it’s going to be a knock out fight between the federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York and Nordlicht’s celebrity attorney Jose Baez. The hedge fund defendants stand accused of operating a billion dollar […]


Sol Global Chairman Andy Defrancesco sued for Defamation by Cannabis Research Firm: $SOLCF

This story has been updated A female CEO of a cannabis research company is fighting back against controversial Marijuana investor Andy Defrancesco after he started a twitter campaign to allegedly disparage her company and her personal ethics as a CEO. In the fall of 2018, New Frontier Data, which is run by Giadha Aquirre De […]


Hudson Bay Capital tied to Barry Honig Pump and Dump Ring : MabVax $MBVX

A San Diego-based Biotech company named in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s stock manipulation case against small-cap investor Barry C. Honig has come out swinging by naming another hedge fund that’s allegedly part of the Team Honig pump and dump ring. In a lawsuit filed in Superior Court of California this week, MabVax Therapeutics Holdings […]


Andy & Catherine DeFrancesco Non-Related Party Transactions? : $AWSM CoolTech

Update 5-9-19: Today CoolTech ($AWSM) announced in an 8-K it received a SEC subpoena asking about its trading activity in September 2018. Original Text This week I was first to report the wife of a South Florida public company executive Andy DeFrancesco, who makes investments in Marijuana companies, filed court documents to end their nearly […]